Recipes for Homewood cooking

Whether you call it a woodstove, a wood stove, a wood fire, a cookstove or a cooking stove, cooking on a Homewood is one of life’s great but simple pleasures. There’s something special about the process that just can’t be matched by any electric or gas stove. Enjoy some of our favourite recipes and wood stove cooking tips in the articles below.

Recipe – Minnie’s Chocolate Fudge

Another recipe from my grandma Minnie’s cookbook (see her rock cakes recipe if you like this one!).

It is very easy to make and can be quite different each time depending on what mix of dried fruits and nuts you add… read more

Recipe – Apricot Chocolate Chip Cake

Cakes just taste better when baked in a cast iron wood stove.

Not sure where this recipe came from but it is a tasty moist cake that is great for afternoon tea or served with some vanilla ice cream or yoghurt for dessert… read more

Recipe – Flour Tortillas/Wraps

These are delicious and will save you heaps of money – so much better than the bought ones too! I found this recipe on Operation Jam Jar and the great thing is you can stuff them with anything you want – chilli con carne, burrito chicken, prawns… what ever you are in the mood for… read more

Recipe – Choux Puffs

The recipe for these Choux Puffs came from a NZ House and Garden Magazine (January 2011 issue). Zak wanted me to make something that you might not think is possible to make in a wood stove and these turned out perfectly – light, hollow and crisp on the outside while soft in the centre… read more

Recipe – Brown Lentil Patties

This recipe makes 8-10 large patties (for in burgers) or 20 small patties (for pass around nibbles).

They are very easy to make, tasty and even meat lovers will eat them and ask for seconds! read more

Recipe – Chilli Jam Chicken

This recipe is from Annabel Langbein’s The Free Range Cook and once you have made the Chilli Jam it is very easy to make lots of different yummy meals with it.

It is not too hot for children or non-chilli eaters who will be coming back for seconds… read more

Recipe – Julie’s Apricot Slice

Rose made this for us when we visited the Booms in their new home to check out their newly installed Homewood Stove.

The slice is delicious – quite spongy and the lemon icing gives it a bit of zing… read more

Recipe – Feijoa Leather

I saw this recipe here and thought a woodstove would be perfect to make this as it does not matter if it takes all day and all night – the stove is going to be hot in winter time anyway! These were a real hit at the Homewood Workshop with some of the guys asking if they could buy more off me! It is an easy, but long process… read more

Recipe – Pumpkin, Maple and Sour Cream Pie

This recipe is from the recipe book Annabelle Cooks by Annabelle White, and is my favourite pumpkin pie recipe!
It is very easy – just blend all the ingredients together – and a great way to use up some pumpkin this time of year. This pie tastes almost better the next day so make the day before to save time if feeding a crowd. read more

Recipe – Pumpkin Pie

This is Penny’s Pumpkin Pie recipe and tastes quite different to the Pumpkin, Maple and Sour Cream Pie recipe so make them both and see which you prefer!

This one is also very easy to make and great served with vanilla ice cream or plain yoghurt. read more