Recipes for Homewood cooking

Whether you call it a woodstove, a wood stove, a wood fire, a cookstove or a cooking stove, cooking on a Homewood is one of life’s great but simple pleasures. There’s something special about the process that just can’t be matched by any electric or gas stove. Enjoy some of our favourite recipes and wood stove cooking tips in the articles below.

Recipe – Whole Beef Fillet

Friends of my mum, Annie, told her how to roast whole beef fillets this way.

It makes them very juicy and tasty. Great for a crowd as you can carve the meat thinner than if you chopped the fillet into big steaks to grill/fry… read more

Recipe – Overnight Pavlova

This is the good old Edmonds Cookery Book pavlova that we wanted to try out as we have been told that leaving a pavlova overnight in a cooling down woodstove is the best way to make a pav. We agree!
The pavlova was beautifully toasted on the outside and chewy on the inside… read more

Recipe – Creamed Rice Pudding

This is another old family favourite. It is different to a lot of rice puddings in that you make it in a pot on top of the stove and it is very creamy like creamed rice pudding that you might buy at the supermarket – but better because it is home-made! Great way to use up lots of milk as it takes four cups… read more

Recipe – Pecan Tassies

This recipe came with a Tartle, made by Pascal Woodturning. Tartles are wonderful for making pastry cases and bread cases. This particular recipe came from “A Private Collection of those truly special recipes, not readily found in other cookbooks, that have been lovingly shared…
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Recipe – Rhubarb Chutney

This chutney is delicious on thick slices of homemade bread with slices of cheese, cucumber, tomatoes… on top.
It is also great to spread on your pizza base or to use with natural yoghurt as a healthy dip. Everyone who tries it loves it and always asks for the recipe – so here it is…
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Recipe – Sweet Scrolls

Sweet scrolls make such a yummy treat for afternoon tea or supper.

Try them with different jams for different flavoured scrolls – be careful not to add too much jam as this is what makes them very sweet … read more

Recipe – Homewood Loaf/Buns

The standard Homewood loaf recipe is a very versatile recipe – with just small changes to the recipe you can have buns, wholemeal loaf, fruit loaf, cheesy loaf, focaccia bread or even a pizza base! We use a bread maker to do the hard work of kneading the dough and then bake in the stove for the delicious Homewood taste … read more

Recipe – Shortbread

This is the standard shortbread recipe from Edmonds Cookbook but with a few special tweaks my mum, Annie, does to it to make the perfect shortbread!

The secret is all in the kneading and in the undercooking… read more

Recipe – Minnie’s Rock Cakes

Family and friends expect to be eating rock cakes when they visit my parents at their farm, outside of Otaki, and cheeky people even request them if they know mum is going to be visiting! This recipe originally came from my dad’s mother, Minnie, who also made them a lot… read more

Recipe – Pizza

Our stoves are wonderful for making pizzas in! Penny and I decided to make four different pizzas (smoked salmon, smoked chicken, hawaiian and a chicken and pumpkin pizza) with two different pizza bases – a thinner herb-filled pizza base and a more bread-like thicker pizza base. … read more