Homewood News

The latest comings and goings of Homewood Stoves!

A Homewood Home for Sale

One of our customers is selling their 5 acre property south of Levin, Horowhenua – complete with Homewood Heritage!

More details and loads more photos inside … read more

Export Status

Zak and David

Over the last year or so we have seen a steady rise in the number of export enquiries that come in – increasingly from the US/Canada or Australia.

This article contains some information on where we are currently at as far as export goes … read more

A General Update

Apologies for the lack of news over the last few months!
Here’s an update that covers a bunch of different topics: growing to deal with increasing demand; workshop expansion; some overdue Companion development news; future price increases and some details on the world travellers … read more

Cooking at the Booms

The Booms (Penny’s identical twin sister Rosie and her family) have installed their Homewood Heritage Stove in their new home (that they have built themselves!) and so we visited to see how it was all going.
It is still not fully installed but it is looking wonderful and homely … read more

Mystery Creek 2011 (Updated)

Big thank you to everyone that dropped in to check us out last week at Mystery Creek!
Penny and Rosie had a very busy and rewarding time down there – thanks in no small part to the many, many interested people who visited our tent and got to see the Companion in action … read more

Ten Years On!

Ten years ago (June the 6th, 2001) the original Homewood stove was lit for the very first time. Years of planning, design and patterning work finally paid off as the Heritage came to life. Last night friends and family gathered at Homewood Farm to celebrate with us as we marked this gratifying ten year milestone … read more

The Latest Recipes

In case you have missed them – a bunch of new recipes have been added to our recipe page over the last few months.

Try them out and let us know what you think of them!
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We Need Your Help!

This week a package has been sent out to all our pre-2010 Homewood Stove owners. We’re sending you our new Operating Manual, a bit of a newsletter and a survey that we’d love to have you fill out and return to us. We really want to see a good response, so if you complete it we’ll give you free stuff! … read more

Our Latest Recruit: Zelda Mae Foote

Been wondering about the lack of updates here recently? Have you sent us an email that took a while to get a response?

Blame Zelda, the newest addition to the Homewood Team.
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Family Pizza Time!

Spring is here – the blossom is looking beautiful, the lemon trees are laden, and the hens are laying. So what better time for pizza and lemon meringue?
It was another busy Friday afternoon of cooking, but Penny and I still managed to find time to put our feet up and enjoy a bit of our baking for afternoon tea! … read more