Homewood News

The latest comings and goings of Homewood Stoves!

A Bit More Baking…

This Friday gone, Penny and I spent another afternoon cooking on the Homewood.

Perhaps not as impressive an effort as last time, but we still managed to produce plenty of fresh yummy food!
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Cooking Up a Storm!

Zak’s been complaining that we don’t have any photos of food or cooking on the website – one of the main benefits of owning a Homewood.

So yesterday afternoon, Penny and I set about remedying that… read more

The Homewood Cabin

The Homewood cabin became something of a celebrity at the field days we attended around New Zealand.

Made up from recycled timber and corrugated iron that we transported on a trailer, the cabin was roughly 6m by 4m once erected, and took two days for us to build each time… read more