Our Bookshelf

There are so many great and useful books out there, so we thought we would start listing a few of them here. Let us know any great books you have read lately!

Book – Cutting the Curd

Want to make cheese at home? You can’t go past Cutting the Curd – Cheese Making at Home by Katherine Mowbray.
Katherine is New Zealand’s best home cheese making teacher and in this book (published and printed in New Zealand) she shares all her cheese making principles and tips … read more

Magazine – Lifestyle Farmer

We love the NZ Lifestyle Farmer Magazine – so much so we have a years subscription to it as one of our prizes in our yearly new owner feedback survey! It has been published by NZ Rural press for over ten years and features articles by journalists who are or have been farmers and growers… read more

Book – One Hundred Bread Machine Recipes

My daughter Grace gave me this book as a mother’s day present in 2004. Since then I have used it many times to create some lovely breads.
With over 250 pages of recipes and lovely photos, this book has three sections; breads and savories, sweet loaves and cakes, and lastly, rolls, buns and snacks… read more

Book – The Omnivore’s Dilemma

What should you eat for dinner?

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, by Michael Pollan.

Author Michael Pollan takes us on an eye-opening journey through our vastly different options – should we eat a fast-food hamburger? Something organic? Or how about something we’ve hunted or grown ourselves?

The book follows each of the different food chains that sustain us in the modern world — industrial food, organic food, and food we grow for ourselves – in great detail, from the source, to the processing and transportation, right up to the final meal on our plates… read more

Book – Where Lions Roar at Night

It’s been said that ‘Where Lions Roar at Night’, written by Penny’s twin sister Rosie Boom, has two main characters: Milly Boom and the Homewood Stove! Our bookshelf definitely would not be complete without it!
‘Where Lions Roar at Night’ tells the tale of the excitement and adventures of a large ‘pioneering’ NZ family when they move into a run-down 90-year old barn… read more

Book – Woodstove Cookery

Woodstove Cookery – At home on the range, by Jane Cooper, is a great introduction to wood stoves and although it was published in 1977, the fundamentals remain the same. It acknowledges the huge range of wood stoves and wood stove cooking methods out there, saying each cook develops their own unique techniques, but that this book can be used as a great guide… read more

Book – Digby Law’s Pickle and Chutney

Digby Law’s Pickle and Chutney Cookbook is the most amazing pickle, chutney, relish, oil, sauce, mustard….. book I know!
It is a NZ classic (from 1986) and every keen preserver should have one! The thing I really like is that it has the old favourites as well as exotic specialties, and it has such a wide range of vegetables and fruit included… read more

Book – Body & Soul-Cooking with the Seasons

Good food starts with good seeds!
A wonderful cookbook for anyone interested in learning to eat the way our ancestors did – simply, using in-season unprocessed fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds selected to nourish our bodies and grown in a sustainable way… read more