Stove Resources

This section is (well, will one day be!) your one-stop resource for everything Homewood stove related: covering installation, operation, cleaning, maintenance and our assorted tips and tricks!

‘And a Lever Long Enough’

The prospect of manoeuvring your shiny new stove through your house may be a little daunting. Never fear – that’s why this article exists: we visit the pyramids and pick up a couple of simple moving tips from the Egyptians to help you out. It’s mostly just levers and rollers, though slaves no doubt would help … read more

Environmental Standards for Wood Burners

The National Environmental Standards for Air Quality include a design standard for wood burners in urban areas. The standards apply to wood burners, but not to cooking stoves that burn wood. Therefore our stoves are exempt from the National Standards throughout the majority of New Zealand and can be installed anywhere on any size property.


Councils that have installed stricter standards than the… read more