Ordering your Homewood

Because we’re a boutique manufacturing operation, handcrafting all our stoves, we work with a waiting list system. Please read this page in full to understand how it works.

2020-2022: we have been contending with both unprecedented demand and ongoing supplier disruptions, thanks to these last crazy couple of years, so the lead times shown below are up to double our pre-2020 “normal”. Anyone’s guess as to when things may calm back down.

Current lead times
Homewood Heritage: 8-12 months
Homewood Companion: 8-10 months
Homewood Matriarch: 12-18 months (or so!)

Current prices, July 2022 ($NZD)
Homewood Heritage: $14,560 + GST
Homewood Companion: $10,860 + GST
Homewood Matriarch: $22,800 + GST

Join the waiting list
Send us an email, and tell us which model you are wanting, and when you’d ideally like it by. We will slot you in to our waiting list, and reply with an approximate production and delivery schedule (indicative lead times above).

Once we get down to you on the list, we’ll be in touch to offer you a free slot in the next batch of stoves, and give you a more accurate delivery time-frame and confirm current pricing.

We only collect the deposit from you ($5,000) after you’ve confirmed and as we begin work on that batch that includes your stove. It is the the deposit that secures your space in that batch so up until paying a deposit you have no obligation to stick with us if the timing or pricing ends up not working out for you. [2020-2022: we’re definitely in an inflationary period, across the board, and price increases outside of our control are almost certainly going to continue].

We keep you updated during production, and confirm delivery and other options (eg: water jacket options, whether with or without legs if a Companion) as we progress through the batch.

The final payment is then only due as we near completion of your stove, prior to delivery.

Need one right away?
Do get in touch, and I’ll see if anything is able to be juggled around. Due to the nature of building projects (renovations and new builds alike!) we do often end up storing stoves for people, and if they’re not needing them imminently I can often arrange a swap for someone more desperate! [2020-2022: no longer very likely that we can juggle things significantly sooner these days, but feel free to still ask for the note “Will take ASAP!” to be put against your order, and maybe you’ll get lucky!]

Ordering from outside New Zealand?
The ability to order from outside of New Zealand is currently on hold, since November 2021, as we deal with record demand, and ongoing supply disruptions. Learn more, and the normal export process here: Your Guide to the Export Process.