Recipe – Feijoa Leather

I saw this recipe here and thought a woodstove would be perfect to make this as it does not matter if it takes all day and all night – the stove is going to be hot in winter time anyway! These were a real hit at the Homewood Workshop with some of the guys asking if they could buy more off me! It is an easy, but long process and don’t get too caught up with exact times as it will vary a lot depending on how many feijoas you have and the ratio to apples that you use.

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Lots of Feijoas (I used 2 big buckets to make 4 leathers)

Slice feijoas in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon into a large saucepan. Peel, core and slice apples so that you have a ratio of feijoas to apples approximately 60:40 and add to your feijoas. The apples make the leather not as strong tasting.
Place on your Homewood and simmer until pulpy and easily pureed in your blender. Blend in batches or with a stick blender until well pureed.

Put the puree back in your saucepan and leave on your Homewood all day just simmering gently with the lid off until the feijoa mix has reduced by 75%. Stir when you remember, perhaps every 20 minutes. Great to do on a cold winters day when you have the fire going all day and you are just pottering around the house.

I added a cup of sugar just because we have some real sweet tooths around but it really doesn’t need it. Pour into lipped baking trays lined with baking paper in a thin, fully covered, layer.

Leave overnight in the lower oven until the leather is firm and easy to pick up (approximately 70 C for multiple hours should do it). If still not done in the morning then just leave in for longer and get your fire going stronger again or put on top of your stove on a rack.

Janie, 9th of May, 2011

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