Recipe – Marmalade

David says Penny’s marmalade is the best he’s ever tasted. Feel free to try making it yourself!

This recipe has two parts – the first, bottling the fruit, is best undertaken in winter (when grapefruit are in season!). The making of the marmalade can then happen any time of year.

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Bottling the fruit:
Mince five grapefruit and three lemons (Penny whizzes it up in her blender with some of the required water to make a smooth marmalade)
Add 7-8 cup water.
Boil on the Homewood for 30 minutes.
Bottle and seal.

This bottled grapefruit/lemon blend can be the base for more than just marmalade! Try using it in tarts or pies.

To make into marmalade:
For each bottle of fruit, add one bottle of water. Bring to the boil.
Add 8 cup sugar, and boil for 30 minutes.
Bottle and seal.

Wash jars, and then heat them in the lower oven until dry, hot and ready to bottle. Fill jars, remove any air bubbles by running a knife down the inside of the jars, and seal.

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