Recipe – Pumpkin Pie

This is Penny’s Pumpkin Pie recipe and tastes quite different to the Pumpkin, Maple and Sour Cream Pie recipe so make them both and see which you prefer! This one is also very easy to make and great served with vanilla ice cream or plain yoghurt.

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Pumpkin pie filling:
2 cup cooked pumpkin
2 beaten eggs
2 dsp flour
1 tsp cinnamon
2 dsp treacle
1 small tsp salt
Pinch ginger
Pinch nutmeg
4 T brown sugar

Mix/beat all the filling ingredients together and put in a pie/tart oven-proof pan lined with short pastry:

225 g flour
1/2 t salt
100 g butter
1 t baking powder
Cold water

Sift flour and salt. Rub in butter. Add baking powder and mix to a very stiff dough with cold water. Grease pan and line fully with pastry.

Bake in the Homewood at 180 C until crust golden brown (approximately 40 minutes).

Janie, 2nd of May, 2011

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