Cooking Up a Storm!

Zak’s been complaining that we don’t have any photos of food or cooking on the website – one of the main benefits of owning a Homewood. So yesterday, on a fairly bleak and wintery Friday afternoon, Penny and I set about remedying that!

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We had a great time: baked up a whole bunch of bread (seven loaves in total!), used up some of the excess citrus from the farm’s orchard to make marmalade and lemon honey – all while cooking a roast dinner for Friday night dinner with the whole family.

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I made an apricot and coconut loaf and Penny’s ‘No Knead’ bread (a great and simple recipe for a large family), and Penny made a cranberry and currant sweet loaf and our traditional Friday night Challah bread.

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It was a good day to be indoors and we had heaps of fun, so Penny and I have decided to make a regular thing of it, so make sure you check back in future weeks for some more Friday afternoon baking sessions with new photos and recipes of more delicious food!

Janie, 14th August 2010.

This week, we cooked:
Challah bread (double loaf)
Penny’s ‘No Knead’ Bread (three loaves)
Apricot and Coconut Loaf
Cranberry and Current Sweet Loaf
Lemon Honey
(click on any to be taken to the full recipe)

As well as cooking a lamb shoulder roast (home-raised) with roasted garden vegetables!

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