Mystery Creek 2011 (Updated)

Big thank you to everyone that dropped in to check us out last week at Mystery Creek! Penny and Rosie (Mum’s identical twin) had a very busy and rewarding time down there – thanks in no small part to the many, many interested people who visited our tent and got to see the Companion in action. Those of you who wanted to join the Companion notification list: remember to send us an email!

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Mum phoned home reports to me most nights, buzzing if somewhat exhausted! Apparently there were some record attendance days this year, and our site was always very busy. Dad (David) made it down Thursday night to relieve the twins somewhat Friday/Saturday – and fix our wonky flue!

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Mum was impressed by what seemed to be a definite shift in attitude among the people checking us out: compared to previous years there was much less “Huh, that’s impressive” casual interest, and much more of people really engaging with the stove and our brand.

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We appreciated all the visits from those of you who already knew of us and sought us out, those of you who have been following Homewood’s progress and Companion development, and especially those of you who specifically came to the fieldays see us.

Last, but never least, thanks to all you existing Homewood owners who came and said “Hi”. It was wonderful to have you drop in, and we really appreciated how all of you helped us out by enthusiastically sharing your Homewood experience to interested parties!

Zak – 21st June, 2011

Original post:
Homewood Stoves is going to be at the 2011 National Fieldays, at site R38 in the rural living area. The fieldays are held at the Mystery Creek Event Centre, near the Hamilton airport, and run from Wednesday the 15th of June to Saturday the 18th (two weeks away).

Unfortunately not all of us are able to make it down there this year (we’re flat out trying to juggle the Homewood Companion development with regular production, so Dad and I are having to stay in Whangarei), so we are not going to be bringing our full range of stoves, but Mum (Penelope) will be there with the very first model of the Companion running and on display.

We’re in a tent this time around (the Homewood Cabin has been retired up the back of the farm, and we enjoy it too much to relocate it!), but if you look for site R38 and follow the smells of fresh baking I’m sure you’ll find us…

Do drop in, it should be snug and warm with the Companion going, there’ll be new brochures you can take away, a few things available for purchase (stove polish and that sort of thing), and if you’re fortunate in your timing you may even be able to snag some free grub: soup, bread or tea – all made on the Homewood.

Penny’s looking forward to seeing you there!

Zak – 1st June, 2011

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