Ten Years On!

Ten years ago, on a cold dark night (June the 6th, 2001) the original Homewood stove was lit for the very first time. Years of planning, design and patterning work finally paid off as the Heritage came to life. Last night (June the 6th, 2011) friends and family gathered at Homewood Farm to celebrate with us as we marked this gratifying ten year milestone.

There were more than twenty five of us (many younger than the stove!), and we had a wonderful evening of home cooking, warmth and laughter as we shared trivia, stories and in-jokes from across this first decade of Homewood.

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Mum dug out her old diary and found this entry that documents the initial lighting:

“6-6-01 What a wonderful night! David and I are sitting in front of a beautiful Homewood woodstove. We’ve had a hot milk milo, Holly is purring on Dave’s knee and we are listening to the Michael Hill world violin competition in front of the fire.
David struck the match to light the stove for the first time at about 6pm and it is going beautifully!! What a clever man he is. The stove looks wonderful and all the controls work so well and responsively. It’s almost hard to believe it is finally in and going. David has taken it quietly and is gradually letting it heat up. The thermometer now says 300F, and in David’s words ‘Nothing untoward has happened’ – quite the contrary – everything is working perfectly!! 🙂 I am so thrilled for David – he has worked so hard and for so long on it and he now has his reward. I can’t stop watching the flames. When it’s closed down, the flames are so languid and lovely!
So now begins the next part of the journey…”

– extract from Penny’s journal

We also looked through the old photo albums and found some photos of that evening ten years ago – have scanned them below!

Mum and I did a few quick calculations this morning, and estimate that over the last 10 years the Homewood has:
   – baked nearly 5,000 loaves of bread
   – cooked over 3,000 hot meals
   – provided at least 10,000 hot showers (at a diminishing rate, now that Grace has left
   – reduced our power bills by more than 50%
   – kept us warm and fed through ten winters, multiple cyclones, dozens of power outages
     and too many storms to count!

Today, the stove looks just as good as when it first went in (thanks to cast iron and it’s great ability to take a polish!), and we’re looking forward to the next decade, and enjoying another ten years of loyal service from the original Homewood Heritage.

Zak – 7th June, 2011

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