Book – Body & Soul-Cooking with the Seasons

Good food starts with good seeds!

A wonderful cookbook for anyone interested in learning to eat the way our ancestors did – simply, using in-season unprocessed fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds selected to nourish our bodies and grown in a sustainable way.

This book represents a milestone in the growth of the people of New Zealand – we are developing a culture reflected in the gardens and kitchens that places high value on: the nourishing seeds of our ancestors, simple unprocessed food, organic food, seasonal food, locally produced food, nourishing food, taking responsibilty of our health and the health of our families and taking responsibility for the health of our planet!

Published by Trish Allen, Kay Baxter, Sabine Druckler and Wendy Klink.
This book, and other great books, are available through Kaiwaka Organics, Kaiwaka, New Zealand.

– Janie

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