Book – Cutting the Curd

Want to make cheese at home? You can’t go past Cutting the Curd – Cheese Making at Home by Katherine Mowbray. Katherine is New Zealand’s best home cheese making teacher and in this book (published and printed in New Zealand) she shares all her cheese making principles and tips. Cheese is fantastic to make on a wood stove: the cast-iron cooking plates provide variable heat so depending on whether you want to heat your milk up to pasteurise, bring the temperature up slowly (scalding) or leave to set in a warm place beside your wood stove, you’re covered.

Cutting the Curd has a great introductory section covering equipment you will need and detail on all the ingredients. It has very thorough step-by-step instructions and photos on how to make smallholder’s cheese (a type of cheddar) and then using this knowledge you can apply it to the vast range of other cheese recipes in the book – learn how to make gouda, feta, halloumi, mozzarellia, mascarpone, ricotta and MANY more. And then there are delicious recipes at the back of the book you can then make using your cheese – halloumi and red pepper tart, ricotta base pizza with cheesy topping, tiramisu and ice cream….

It helps to have a milking cow/goat/sheep as a lot of the recipes require 10 litres of milk. Penny’s milking cow Amelia has been giving us 6-7 litres of milk per day as well as feeding her calf, Sweetheart. Penny and I have made the cheddar, halloumi, ricotta, feta, mozzarellia, coulommier (my personal favourite), mascarpone and ice cream and we have enjoyed making and enjoyed eating all of them!

Follow this link to buy this book from Touchwood Books.

Janie, 6th September, 2011

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