If you would like to speak directly with a Homewood owner please let us know: we will happily put you in touch with one of our customers – and may even be able to arrange for you to see one in action nearby! 

Continue reading to see what Homewood owners have to say about their stoves:

“Merry Christmas Everyone!
We just wanted to let you know how the stove is going. FANTASTIC. Yes, we should have had one in ages ago. David, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful piece of practical beauty. It really does create that wow facter when people see her. We put a comfy chair by her and ever since it has been a three way tussel as to who gets there first. Cat hogged it all winter, then standard poodle would take over and sometimes David would be allowed it at night. Through winter it was wonderful at night to have no tv and just sit by the fire.
She made many hearty soups this winter. Have noticed that the hobs and oven are more forgiving when cooking. Things will happily tick over for ages on the stove but try it on the electric stove and you’ve burnt something or it’s boiled dry. So thank you so, so much for the stove: it really has become the heart of our home.”

– Jean and David, Timaru

“We treasure our Homewood Companion which looks very impressive in our kitchen.
It not only cooks and heats our water
[680 L!] very effectively, it also keeps the house nice and warm. We find we need no other heating even with our very large living space.
We believe this stove will retain it’s elegance and functionality for many decades. We love it.”

– Rob and Marijke, Kaiwaka

“Our fab stove is the heart of our home – we love it!”

– Cec and Dave, Taranaki

“Our Homewood is a gathering place for family, visitors and of course the dogs and cats. Sometimes difficult to get near the stove for this reason!
Love cooking with it, and we like the fact you can see the fire.”

– John and Robin, Wairoa

“The perfect cooking station!
It is incredibly easy to light and heats the ovens almost as fast as an electric oven. It is almost too efficient at heating hot water! (We’re considering getting radiators for the winter).
It is always still warm in the morning, even when we let it go out the night before. (It is very easy to keep in overnight).

It is ideal to have multiple ovens at different temperatures. At Christmas we cooked two turkeys, a massive ham and a huge tray of roast vegetables all at once with ease.
An absolute pleasure to use and the centrepiece of our home – we couldn’t be happier with our Homewood Matriarch!”

– Sam and Pien, Kerikeri

“The Homewood stove is not just for cooking, heating our home and providing hot water – it is the hub of our family life, a focal point and something ALL our guests delight in!
I have known guests to sit with their feet up in front of it, asking if it’s OK. Yes, of course – that’s what it’s all about!!
The food tastes better and I get a warm satisfied feeling as I twiddle the vent with my foot and move pans across the hot plates. The Homewood is a feature item; make own marmalade, jams and chutneys on Matriarch #1!
Still impress people with the story of how just TWO people moved the Matriarch from trailer through house to kitchen; but our best moment was welcoming guests who said they had come to Whangarei to visit the Homewood factory! We ushered them into the kitchen to see one in full flow!!!”

– Drew and Suzie, Whangarei
Kauri Villas – Bed and Breakfast

“Hi David and Penny, Zak and Janie,
I am just forwarding you the photo of the stove in our kitchen in Greytown. It is a very modern setting and we think the stove looks great. It is a modern interpretation of an old English inglenook cooking alcove. The new Operating Manual is a really good idea and beautifully produced.
I wish you every success with the continuing production of such a great stove. We love ours.”

– Vicki and John, Greytown

“The Homewood has been the heart of our home – a 90 year old barn – for four years. Memories of lamb roasts in the middle of a 100 year storm, no electricity for 4 days, but we stayed warm and fed, thanks to our Homewood… long hours sitting by the stove reading aloud to the family… large pots of fruit for preserving bubbling on the stove top and the delicious smell of apple pie filling the barn… thank you Homewood Stoves!
Now we can’t wait to move ‘the heart’ into our new home, and I’m actually looking forward to this winter, and cooking again on my Homewood stove. :)”

– Rosie and Chris, Northland

“I’ve had my stove cranked up nearly 24/7 for the last two months and I love it!
Roast in the top oven, bread baking in the bottom oven at the same time, more hot water than I know what to do with and heats the whole house nicely too! And did I mention how efficient it is when stoked properly?
Everyone who comes to visit is very impressed, more so when they sample my fresh hot bread!
I grew up with no power or gas and learnt to cook on an old Shacklock, then later an Everhot, and always wanted a nice woodrange for my new house and I find the Heritage to be far superior than either of the above!
It was a large outlay in the beginning but I can’t see myself ever regretting it, and my friends are all jealous!
Thank you for the time you have taken to develop and produce the quality product that I am proud to own.”

– Leo, Hokianga

“I just love my Homewood! It is easy to light and quick to heat up. Kettle is always hot, and just love it for cooking; the lovely big oven is fantastic – cooks anything from pav’s to roasts: all cooked to perfection.

Thank you for making such an awesome stove!”

– Charmain, Taranaki

“We have had our Homewood for 5 years now, and it heats our large kitchen/dining area (50m2) completely – so well in fact that we have since put a radiator in the next hallway. Now another 90m2 of the house is warmed, as well as all hot water. Our power bill is about $150 a month less when the stove is running.
The kitchen is toasty warm even on the coldest days and you can’t beat the roast cooked in the oven. All our friends and visitors think the stove looks great – and will look greater once I finish the tiling around it! Overall a better stove than the (imported competitor) we had previously.”

– James and Amelia, Hawkes Bay

“When a visitor comes and seat down on the couch opposite the stove, we most of the time hear a big sigh and “Oh! It is so wonderful to feel welcome and cosy…” The cooking became more exciting because of the presence of the flames and heat, and bring to the cook an awareness of being alive and how cooking is essential for the family.
It is a family event to cut trees, chop, split and store firewood. The saving on gas is about $120 a month. All year round the stove has been the ‘second comfort’ in the house for people and animals! The first comfort of any kind is the presence of our Heavenly Father in our heart and in our house and on the property. Without Him we would not have met your family…”

– Luc and Catherine, Kerikeri

“We live off-grid powered by solar, and the Homewood stove is one of the alternative things we have installed to make this system work efficiently.

We love our Homewood stove – it’s awesome!”

– Carole and Spencer, Wanganui

“Hi David, Zak and everyone else at Homewood,
Thought it time I sent a photo of my stove now it is installed and up and running.
I just love my stove, even husband seems to be impressed with it, it takes a lot to impress him!!
We are running three radiators off it, and although it is impossible to heat our old home (it is almost 150 years old) it certainly has made a big difference to the room temperatures where there are radiators, in fact 26 year old son says his bedroom is too warm at 5 am so has turned his radiator down low.
I am enjoying cooking on my Homewood and no longer use the electric oven – guess in summer time I will have to. The savings on the power bill this month are going to be impressive, with two night stores now permanently turned off as well as the electric oven not being in use.
John is not complaining about all the home baked cakes and muffins, etc, that are coming out of the Homewood, he told me it would take me 12 months to learn how to cook in the Homewood oven but it took no time at all, my mother had a wood range so I grew up using one – that was why I have always wanted one, so after 33 plus years of marriage I have my wish.
If anyone down this way wants to see one or talk to us about them they are most welcome, I am absolutely wrapped in mine.
Thanks for making such a great stove, I just love the look of it also.”

– Lynne and John, Blenheim

“I’m not a great cook, but use it heaps and the food tastes better – plus it is free! Scones are better tasting too.
Don’t use the stove over the very hot months (Dec, Jan, Feb), but we turn off our hotwater when using the Homewood. Bills fall from $90 – $100 month in summer to $60 – $70 over winter.”

– Maree and Bill, Horowhenua

Husband: Every rural property in NZ should have one!

Wife: I searched for years for my stove. Saw loads that I could not bring myself to buy. Saw ‘Homewood’ and immediately said “Where have you been all these years?!” Ordered one on the spot.
I love my stove and would never go back to electricity. I have no ‘back-up’ so do everything on it. It is easy to light, goes for hours – (12 hrs or more), has a big ashpan, big oven, cooks evenly, isn’t temperamental, and is extremely responsive.
I can cook or bake whenever I feel like it – when I had electricity I was always conscious of having a decent baking day while I had the oven on. Installation of the Homewood allowed us to go on the ‘Low User Rate’ which dropped our daily charge from 33c per day to 10c per day. We went from $120 per month to $60.

I have never regretted buying it. Six years has flown by!”

– Joe and Shirley, Stratford

“We chose Homewood from a picture, because we liked the style and appearance. From there we phoned David and Penny and got some more information about the stove and decided to order one – and the rest is history!

Our stove is now 4 years old and we are 100% PLUS happy with it. It completely services our needs and we would highly recommend the Homewood Stove to any future customer.
David and Penny offer a very friendly and excellent service and stand by their product, after all it is NZ made!”

– Steve and Les, Whakatane

“Just sending you a photo of our Homewood installed.

Still have to put tiles around the bottom.
Pots have to go in winter as they are on my clothesline!

We have a lot of power breaks where we are and thanks to the Homewood we stay warm and have hot meals and drinks.

Thank you!”

– Ngaire and Roy, Hunterville

We have several customers who have ordered their second (or more!) Homewood from us! 

  • One customer sold his house, and didn’t want to be without his Homewood so the first thing he ordered for his new home was another Heritage!
  • Another bought their second stove for their beach house!
  • A third purchased a Heritage for the home, and then was so impressed they ended up putting a Matriarch in their large (partially covered) outdoor living area!
  • Most impressive of all is a customer who first purchased a Heritage for their home, then a second Heritage a couple years later for one of the farm houses; then a Companion for another of the farm houses, and now in 2016 has a fourth stove, another Homewood Companion, on order! He swears by them, believing them to be superior to anything he’s previously had and is glad to be replacing them all with ours!

To have people purchasing a second stove is, for us, the highest recommendation of all.

New Zealand is now dotted with our stoves, from the Far North right down to Riverton at the bottom of the South Island.

There are Homewoods over on Great Barrier Island, Waiheke Island, Ponui Island and we even have a growing number of our stoves right out on the Chatham Islands! It has been very encouraging to see people off the mainland embracing our stoves in these places where all the Homewood values of quality, durability, self-reliance and sustainability aren’t just optional lifestyle choices but are instead a fact of life.

To have these kinds of people appreciate what we do and recommend Homewood to their families, friends and neighbours is extremely gratifying.

For over 15 years people have been learning that the Homewood name means quality.
Our stoves are tried and tested.

People love their Homewood. You will too.

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