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We are a family business, handcrafting high quality cast-iron cook stoves that are designed and built to last. We are New Zealand’s only cast-iron cooking stove manufacturers, 100% NZ owned and operated, producing world-class cookers that we have now sent all around the globe.

Though certainly capable of burning coal, all our solid-fuel ranges have been designed first-and-foremost to run on wood. As a renewable energy supply, wood is without peer for those people wishing to be sustainable, self-reliant and resilient into the future. We’ve incorporated modern technologies into an understated, traditional aesthetic to produce timeless, heirloom woodstoves that perform beautifully; burning cleanly and efficiently – all while looking gorgeous and warm.

Check out our range of cookstoves; review feedback from happy customers all over and see how they are incorporating their Homewood into a variety of lifestyles; be inspired by real-world photos of them installed in all manner of homes, both modern and rustic; watch our videos; grab installation specifications from our downloads page; and get in touch once you’re ready to order your very own Homewood.

Keep your family warm, fed and in abundant supply of hot water: join the Homewood way of life!