Brief status while NZ is at Level 4:

  • Workshop and farm closed to the public.
  • We are operating in a limited, essential-only, capacity, for those of you relying on your stove for the necessities of life (cooking, home heating, production of hot water). This means we are still available for the sending out of critical spare parts for the continued safe operation of your pre-existing stove, and able work on sending out stoves-on-order for those of you remote/rural/off-grid/lacking access to regular essential utilities. Get in touch if you fall into either of these categories.
  • People are welcome to still join the waiting list as normal, but don’t expect quick replies to your emails or phone messages, sorry, nor any specific timeframes given until things settle down.
  • International orders are currently “on hold” (this is outside of our scope as essential, right now), but you are still welcome to join our export wait list, on a less-formal “expression of interest” type basis in the meantime.
  • Rather than email for specific updates, please visit the COVID-19/Coronavirus page first to see if any of the information there answers your question, as I am prioritising maintaining that for all, over replying to any specific individuals in a timely fashion.
  • Thanks everyone for your ongoing patience and understanding over this truly bizarre, unexpected and stressful time for all.

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Welcome to Homewood!

We are a family business, handcrafting high quality cast-iron cook stoves that are designed and built to last. We are New Zealand’s only cast-iron cooking stove manufacturers, 100% NZ owned and operated, producing world-class cookers that we have now sent all around the globe!

Though certainly capable of burning coal, all our solid-fuel ranges have been designed first-and-foremost to run on wood. As a renewable energy supply, wood is without peer for those people wishing to be sustainable, self-reliant and resilient into the future. We’ve incorporated modern technologies into an understated, traditional aesthetic to produce timeless, heirloom woodstoves that perform beautifully; burning cleanly and efficiently – all while looking gorgeous and warm.

Check out our range of cookers; review feedback from happy customers all over and see how they are incorporating their Homewood into a variety of lifestyles; be inspired by real-world photos of them installed in all manner of homes, both modern and rustic; watch our videos; grab installation specifications from our downloads page; and get in touch once you’re ready to order your very own Homewood.

Keep your family warm, fed and in abundant supply of hot water: join the Homewood way of life!