Homewood Matriarch

Our peerless Homewood Matriarch will suit bigger households, communal living, homestays, restaurants or catering, the marae, people who are absolutely passionate about their cooking, or anyone at all who wants an exquisite heirloom stove, built to the highest artisan-crafted standards, to make a BIG visual statement in their kitchen.

“The Perfect Cooking Station”

Like the Homewood Heritage model, our Homewood Matriarch is able to be installed to suit a wide range of preferences: built in with brick or stone, into benches, or still looks great freestanding. Get inspired: visit our Gallery page for more photos of real world installations.

Main features: three large ovens; a warmings draw; an expanded firebox with increased-capacity water jacket for water heating; expanded cooking surface; attractive cast-iron finish. Lovingly handcrafted here in New Zealand, to the highest standard of quality. Continue reading for full details…


The Matriarch is the enthusiastic cook’s dream!

It boasts two massive top ovens at 82 L each (450 mm wide, 365 mm high and 500 mm deep – approx. three cubic feet) with oven panels of heavy cast iron for superior heat retention and even distribution. The oven doors have double-glazed, safety-grade glass windows with external guard-bars that allow for monitoring your baking without having to be always opening the door. They both have an accurate thermometer for reliable temperature reading set into the door, in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and have six tray positions.

In normal use, the top right oven will sit steady at around 180-200 C, and this temperature can be reached within half an hour of lighting. The top left oven is an incredibly stable and steady oven, usually at around 150 C in normal use. The great thing about the top left oven is that while it takes a little longer than the right oven to come up to temperature, it then holds its heat for a very long time: we’ve seen it still sitting steady at 150 C even after the fire has turned to little more than embers! This is a perfect oven for cooking those slow, tender roasts that fall apart in your mouth.

The smaller lower oven (right hand side) is still very generous at 49.5 L (450 mm wide, 220 mm high and 500 mm deep – approx. 1.75 cubic feet), and has four tray positions. Like the top left oven, this lower oven runs at about three-quarters of the temperature of the main top right oven so is great for that overflow of slower cooking: puddings and desserts, slow roasts, casseroles and stews!

The Matriarch also has a warming oven on the lower left side with the same generous capacity of the lower oven. This warming compartment is great for keeping things warm, heating crockery before serving, dehydrating fruit or even drying out those saturated winter sport’s boots!

The Matriarch is unrivalled in its cooking and warming oven capabilities: this is truly a powerhouse of a cooking stove – with a whopping 263 L capacity!

On top, this stove has that same wonderful cooking surface as the Heritage, with the machined smooth cooking plates offering instant access to variable heat: from boiling, searing and getting things going directly above the fire, and moving right for simmering, slow cooking and keeping things warm. The Matriarch also has an extra mid-heat cooking plate on the left side, for even more cooking surface!

Check out our recipes section for video examples of cooking and baking on a Homewood. While none yet have been filmed showcasing the Matriarch specifically, this is something we intend to rectify before too long.


Over a metre and a half long and clocking in at nearly 700 kg, this is the largest cast-iron cooking stove manufactured in New Zealand since 1927, and suspected to be the single largest cast-iron woodstove currently in production anywhere, world-wide! It is truly in a class of its own.

All that extra cast iron in the Matriarch makes for an incredible heat store – it has tremendous thermal properties, with warmth still being given off well after the fire has died down.

Check out the Operation section of the Heritage page, as that all applies here too: it has the same three basic stove controls as the Homewood Heritage – with expanded firebox and more sophisticated circulation to drive the extra ovens!

Want to fully get up to speed with running the Matriarch? Download an electronic copy of our Operating Manual and get yourself up to speed!


Total weight:680 kg
Overall size:1650 wide by 870 high by 620 mm deep
Top ovens:82 L (450 wide, 365 high by 500 mm deep)
Lower ovens:49.5 L (450 wide, 220 high by 500 mm deep)
Firebox:50 L (305 wide by 345 high by 475 mm deep)
Firewood:up to 460 long and 210 mm in diameter
Ash pan:19 L (250 wide by 170 high by 450 mm long)
Flue:150 mm diameter, 4.2 m min. length recommended
Water jacket:5 – 6 kW
Heat output:will heat a well-insulated area of up to 175 m2 (12 – 14 kW)

Full installation specifications available from our downloads page.

Customer Feedback

The perfect cooking station!

It is incredibly easy to light and heats the ovens almost as fast as an electric oven. It is almost too efficient at heating hot water! (We’re considering getting radiators for the winter). It is always still warm in the morning, even when we let it go out the night before. (It is very easy to keep in overnight).

It is ideal to have multiple ovens at different temperatures. At Christmas we cooked two turkeys, a massive ham and a huge tray of roast vegetables all at once, with ease.

An absolute pleasure to use and the centrepiece of our home – we couldn’t be happier with our Homewood Matriarch!

Sam and Pien – Kerikeri

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Having difficulty deciding if this is the Homewood for you? Check out this helpful compare and contrast of our various models!


NZD$24,000 + GST; includes stove, water jacket, stove tools, six oven racks and six oven trays. Does not include freight or flue (flue kit requirements vary house to house).

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