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    Strange Times

    COVID-19/Coronavirus preparedness, uncertainty and navigation. As New Zealand takes increased action on the COVID-19/Coronavirus global pandemic, I (Zak) am cataloguing here any and all impact (and/or potential impact) on Homewood Stoves, our family, our suppliers, our employees, those of you already out there with stoves, people we are currently building stoves for, and our prospective customers, going into this rapidly-less-certain future. If you are a customer with an open order, please keep checking back here. Updates April 28th, Tuesday morning: NZ dropped down to Level 3 at midnight this morning, and will be at this level for at least another two weeks. Very similar to Level 4, in terms of…

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    The Homewood Cabin

    January 2020 update: Janie spent the weekend in the cabin this summer, with Zelda and three of her friends. The rest of us joined them for dinner, where I captured these great photos – Zak Original article follows… The Homewood Cabin attracted a lot of people to us at the field days David and Penelope used to attend around New Zealand when Homewood Stoves was first starting out. The cabin would always fill up with people seeking refuge from the wind and rain, enticed by the warmth and smells of Penny’s fresh baking. Made from recycled timber and corrugated iron, the cabin stood roughly 6 x 4 m, and took…