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    Heating Water with Fire

    This is a guide to heating plumbed household water with fire, and all related systems: circulation and thermosyphon; pressure considerations; pumps, cylinders and header tanks; wetbacks/water jackets; hydronic systems (radiator and underfloor); heat exchangers; incorporating solar, electricity or natural gas; and/or combining any of this into one harmonious system! [Work in Progress! For as long as this note stays here at the top, there will be missing drawings, incomplete sections, my working notes within ‘[…]’, and/or dead links in any of the below – Zak, June 2019] Though I will use our stoves in my examples, the principles discussed herein are not particular to Homewood, nor are they even really…

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    How to Move Your Stove

    A Homewood is a big item, and the prospect of manoeuvring your shiny new stove through your house into position may seem a little daunting – keep in mind you only need to do it once! It’s mostly just levers and rollers, though if you have steps to navigate you’re going to have to involve ramps too. In aiming to be comprehensive this is very long: feel free to just skim/look at the images! Note: this is written using the Homewood Heritage as the example, but it all applies to the Homewood Matriarch as well (it’s just heavier and longer: but all the same levering techniques apply, just with an…