Our Stove Models

Please jump below for a helpful discussion on the major feature differences between each of our models, and for more detailed information use the following links to go directly to the page of the individual stove that interests you most:

Homewood Heritage

– The original, and still our most popular stove
– Double oven, large firebox, large ashpan
– Three top plates for cooking
– 1025 wide by 870 high by 615 mm deep
>>>>> …learn more about the Heritage

Homewood Companion

– Our smaller, free-standing stove
– Single oven
– Two cooking plates
– 875 wide by 855 high by 580 mm deep
>>>>> …learn more about the Companion

Homewood Matriarch

– Our very grand ‘prestige’ stove for serious cooking
– Three ovens, plus a warming compartment
– 1650 wide by 870 high by 615 mm deep
– Four cooking plates
>>>>> …learn more about the Matriarch

All our stoves come with a water jacket included as standard to heat your hot water (optional – if the water jacket is not needed we replace this cavity with extra refractory brick lining instead), as well as all the stove tools, baking trays and oven racks you need to be getting the most out of your stove right away.

Any stove racks, upstands, splashbacks or drying shelves you may see above or behind any Homewood in various photos are not something we [currently!] do, and have been done by the end users.

We are continually improving our stoves and production process, so reserve the right to make changes to features and specifications without prior warning – you may be able to spot some slight differences across different photos of the same model on this website, as we have a design history now spanning more than 20 years. On this page we endeavor to keep the photos below of our stove models as an accurate reflection of their most up-to-date state.

Which Stove is Right for Me?

Without knowing anything at all about you or your situation, and until we discover a reason why one of the others will suit you better, I will always first default to recommending the Homewood Heritage.

There is a reason the Homewood Heritage was the original model my father created – it’s everything he wanted in a stove! He created something both functional and beautiful that would suit his family, and continues to use it today. You can read a little about this journey here.

The Heritage is an impressive stove all around. It has a large firebox capable of burning big logs, and its glass window lets you both enjoy and monitor the flames. The two huge ovens run at separate temperatures, allowing you to be doing regular baking up top (bread, biscuits, roast vegetables; you name it!), while also having slow roasting, casseroling or any slower cooking at all ticking along in the oven below – all at the same time! The cooking surface is large and gives you immediate access to a full range of heat: hottest directly above the fire, right down to a quiet simmer over to the right.

It is amazingly easy to light, and can be run through the night. It throws out plenty of heat, warming a large area and will become the heart of your home. The Heritage can be connected to your hot water, and can keep up with a family’s water usage. It can even be fitted with a higher output water jacket instead, for situations where you’re wanting to run anything more extensive than just domestic hot water (radiators, underfloor heating, or if you just have a lot of people using a lot of water!).

For all these reasons, it remains our most popular model. Please see the Homewood Heritage page for full details.

If you’ve been reading this and thinking that while it all sounds great, you just don’t have the room to fit the Heritage (in either your kitchen or budget!) or that it sounds like a bit more stove than you really need (smaller household, or less enthusiastic cook!), then you’ll be wanting the Homewood Companion instead.

The Homewood Companion keeps most of what is great about the Heritage, while scaling everything down to a smaller size. It’s still a cast iron cooker, so is still absorbing, holding and radiating heat in the same way we like it. It is a very cute stove, on elegantly-curved legs (optional) and keeps our signature timeless styling and the visible flames. It’s easy to light, is even more economical on fuel, and despite the firebox being smaller it can still happily run overnight. The reduced firebox means it won’t be overheating your smaller area, nor should it be producing too much hot water if your household usage is lower.

The single biggest functional difference is that you will miss out on the lower oven with the Companion. For those of us who have experienced the convenience and satisfaction of cooking and baking different things at differing temperatures, where all parts of a meal come out of the ovens at the same time in harmony, hot and ready to eat, this might be a big deal. But most people have not had that luxury, and are used to just cooking in a conventional oven that only allows for baking at one temperature at a time anyway, so won’t miss it in the same way.

The sole oven is still generous in size, able to fit large roasting dishes and baking trays, and by letting your fire run more quietly you can maintain a gentler oven for those times you want to be doing slower cooking. Similarly, your cooking surface doesn’t quite give you that same full range of heat that the Heritage does (you get Hot and Moderate here), but by raising your pots or pans up on a trivet you can slow things down to still achieve a simmer.

The Homewood Companion best suits smaller homes, smaller families, smaller budgets and those people are who aren’t quite so madly passionate about their cooking. Please see the Homewood Companion page for full details.

Now, if while reading about the Homewood Heritage you were instead thinking “This sounds great and all, but what I really want is something even bigger and more impressive. I’m after something to really make a statement! Something grander, peerless and more prestigious – I want the best of the best” then buddy, do I have the stove for you: our Homewood Matriarch.

Clocking in at nearly 700 kg and well over one-and-a-half metres wide, running three ovens and a warming compartment, the aptly-named Matriarch is in a class of its own, anywhere you may look – worldwide.

It’s almost like someone took our (already-very-impressive!) Heritage model, decided to add an extra set of ovens in mirror image, figured out how to make the more-complicated circulation work while retaining just a single flue, and then significantly expanded the firebox in order to get it all to run. OK, it’s exactly like that!

You keep everything that is great about a Homewood Heritage still happening over on the right hand side, then add more. On the top left you have an extra slow-to-moderate oven (at same great size as the top right main oven, complete with own window and thermometer) and a new warming compartment below; great for keeping food or plates warm, dehydrating fruit or baking meringue! These extra ovens and more complex configurations does mean that the Matriarch cannot be fitted with the same higher output water jacket we are able to install in the Heritage for when people are doing more complicated things with their water – but that’s the only thing the Heritage has over it.

All the extra iron makes for an incredible thermal mass. This powerhouse of a stove takes in enormous amounts of heat and holds it for a very long time. The sheer size and grandeur of the Matriarch will never fail to attract positive comments and attention as the focal point of your home. Please see the Homewood Matriarch page for full details.

Still undecided about which stove is right for you and your home? Please take a look at our extensive customer feedback to see what other people think of their own, or get in touch if you’d like to view one in action nearby. Or just get the Heritage.

– Zak, July 2020

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